MySmallClaim - Didnt complete service with no refund.

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The whole process was long and in the end I was taken for my money.I was filing suit against a corp and after not hearing from mysmallclaims for a long length of time I contacted them and they had basically written it off.

I was told that they had filed incorrectly due to the fact that the company I was suing was a corporation. I was then told that some paperwork would arrive from the court, when it did arrive it was too close the court date and they had not provided the corp with the papers in time to meet requirements. I was told I had to pay more money to get it fixed and I didn't need to be in court for the original date. When I didn't go the judge dismissed the case and wouldn't allow a new date.

I was then told that I would have to start over and repay the fee's. It was my understanding that they were getting me a new date. The lack of details left me with little information. Had I known showing up would have mattered I would have been there, but I was never told I possibly couldn't get a new date.

If I had been told that there was a chance that I might not get a new date then I would have attended the original court date, I was told I didn't need to go. Their lack of communication set the process back months.

Just the fact that they filed improperly at the start seemed amatuer.I didn't have time to pursue this on my own and thats why I payed them, now I am out the money I lost from the suit and the money from mysmallclaims.

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There are better firms other their people. Do your diligence! is a complete ripp-off


You should file a cases against them!

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